What is an Elevation Certificate

Flood Mapping FEMA Cerification

Elevation surveys determine the elevation of various sections of a building or land. Typically these are used to aid in building plans and to determine if a property is in a flood zone. You might benefit from a lower flood insurance premium by ordering ELEVATION CERTIFICATES.

Flood Elevation Certificate Document

The Flood Elevation Certificate is an important tool of the National Flood Insurance Program. It is used to certify building elevations if the building is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area in order to determine the proper flood insurance premium rate forthe building or support a request of a Letter of Map Amendment LOMA or Letter of Map Revision based on fill LOMR-F.

The elevation information must be submitted on the Elevation Certificate (FEMA Form 81-31) in effect at the time that the Elevation Certificate was completed and signed. Elevation Certificates can only be completed by a licensed land surveyor, engineer, or architect who is licensed by the State to perform such functions.  An Elevation Certificate is required by the National Flood Insurance Program to certify the reference level of a building for INSURANCE RATING PURPOSES. Without the data provided by an Elevation Certificate the property can not be properly rated for flood insurance purposes.

Is My Home Located In Flood Hazard Zone?

Flood Hazard Zones are typically found in low-lying or coastal areas. FEMA has determined Base Flood Elevations for most Flood Hazard Zones. The Base Flood Elevation is an elevation above the mean sea level which indicates the predicted water surface elevation resulting from a flood that has a one percent chance of equaling or exceeding that elevation in any given year. You may use the FEMA Map Service Center address search feature to determine if your property is located in a Flood Hazard Zone or simply contact us at 516-432-9245 for assistance.

Do I Need An Elevation Certificate?

Anyone may voluntarily purchase flood insurance for their home, but if you have recently purchased or refinanced a home located in a Flood Hazard Zone with a federally guaranteed mortgage, flood insurance in mandatory. When obtaining flood insurance, most providers require an Elevation Certificate prior to issuing a policy. If you’re insurance provider already has an Elevation Certificate on file, it is most likely transferable.

What Is An Elevation Certificate?

FEMA has developed a standardized Elevation Certificate form that is used to gather elevation data for the purpose of accurately assessing flood risks to structures located in Flood Hazard Zones. An Elevation Certificate must be prepared and certified by a licensed Land Surveyor.

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